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At, we don’t have control over size or color, because we build up our orders as per your stated size and color. Kindly keep in knowledge that We Do Not give any refunds/returns/ for incorrect size and color for any clothing order. It is very essential that you establish your size with care earlier to placing order. So, we present you the size charts with details concerning the size at our website. If you still have any question, email us at:

1. What if the jacket doesn’t fits satisfyingly on me?

Nothing to worry about! Just send your outfit within 7 days in good, selling condition and we will send out the new piece. For specially made orders according to provided size, No refund or exchange can be given as it was designed absolutely for your physique and we cannot reuse it for sale to any other buyer. The delivery costs will be anyhow borne by the buyer.

2. We don’t offer any refund or return or exchange for any clothing, if you buy two items in a single transaction. This is to put off of ordering different products and at last, select only one.

3. Verifying order after 24 hours, No product or color or size can be exchanged as it is passed over for designing.

4. Outfit’s cancellation is calculated on the following conditions:

a. For cancelling any jackets order within 3 days, there is 25% deduction on your jacket’s amount.
b. If you make a decision to cancel your order within 7 days, we charge 45% deduction on full amount.
c. No cancellation will be accepted passing 7 days of order verification.
5. Before mailing new orders to customers, our highly quality department checks the product for quality. If the garment is not OK while delivery time, we will mail a new attire with priority shipment borne by us.

6. Refunds will only be accepted if we are late 29 working days after your payment is received. If we are not able to certify that the delivery was sent to your mentioned address, we will make a full repayment in conjunction with shipment charges.